Frequently asked questions ?

How safe are my shipments with First Fly Express ?

While all efforts are made to ensure zero error service we also have a ‘Comprehensive Risk Coverage Policy’, which insures your shipment against any unforeseen event such as loss or damage during transit..

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How many days will it take to deliver my shipment ?

Town Category Delivery
2-3 Days Working Hours
All major metros
Before 10.30 hours
All main cities and towns
Within 24 hours
Small towns
24 to 48 hours
Satellite stations
48 to 72 hours

What shipments can not be carried by you ?

We do not carry the following items :
  • Stamped and prepaid postal envelopes and parcels
  • Precious stones, gems and jewelry
  • Uncrossed (bearer) drafts / cheque, currency and coins
  • Poison
  • Firearms, explosives and military equipment
  • Hazardous and radioactive material
  • Foodstuff and liquor
  • Any pornographic material
  • Hazardous chemical items
All items that infringe the Indian Postal Act Of 1898 and all restricted items as per the guidelines of IATA.

Can I book cash, precious stones or jewellery ?

Carrying or booking valuable such as these is illegal as they are items banned under the ‘Postal Regulation Act’ We do not carry the same and hold no responsibility if booked without our knowledge.

I am interested in using your services – can your representative visit me for a discussion ?

Please send a mail to (bearing the subject ‘Business Call’). Please mention the time and date convenient to you in the body of the mail along with your contact details so that our representative may visit you

Can I change the address of a shipment that is not yet been delivered ?

Yes, in order to do the same please get in touch with the booking branch. If the shipment has not already been delivered the needful shall be done – for this purpose we shall require written intimation within 48 hours of booking.
You could, alternatively put a mail to (with the subject ‘change address’, giving your contact details and the fresh address)